How Breakwater Ensures Confidence with a Clear Deposit Structure

When you decide to invest in a custom pool from Breakwater, you’re not just purchasing a backyard enhancement; you’re stepping into a seamless and stress-free experience designed to make your dream pool a reality.

A Simple Start with a Transparent Deposit

At Breakwater, we understand that financial commitments can be daunting. To ease this, we require a minimal deposit of $2,500 to secure your spot on our construction calendar. This deposit is not an additional cost but is integrated into the overall price of your pool. It’s our way of formalizing our partnership while ensuring that the financial aspect of our relationship is straightforward and transparent.

Simplified Payment Process: Aligned with Construction Milestones

At Breakwater, your payment schedule is directly tied to the progress of your pool’s construction. You only make the first payment when we start the actual construction by digging your pool. This ensures that your financial commitments are synchronized with visible advancements on your project. Our payment process is transparent and predictable, organized around 6 or 7 major milestones outlined in your agreement. This approach allows you to track progress both physically and financially, minimizing surprises and making the journey to your dream pool as smooth as possible.

Making Dreams More Accessible with Financing Options

Recognizing that a pool is a significant investment, Breakwater offers financing options to help make pool ownership more accessible. We strive to assist you in finding financing solutions that best fit your financial situation, enabling you to achieve your dream without undue financial pressure. 

Our Commitment to Your Confidence

From the straightforward deposit to the structured payment milestones and the supportive financing options, each element of our process is designed to provide peace of mind. By understanding and using our structured financial approach, you can embark on this exciting project with confidence, knowing every aspect is designed to support your comfort and satisfaction.